Greenlight Synonymous with Safety

We perform dozens of Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) calibrations each week. Performing these to OEM specification with ONLY manufacturer scan equipment and calibration hardware has proven to be a monumental task. Our software and tooling is updated continually as new systems come out and as scan tool procedures are added or modified.

We have recently added support for VW/Audi Rear Blind Spot (Lane Change Assistant) systems as well as back-up camera calibration.

2019 VW Atlas

These calibrations require very specific measurements that can only be obtained using the OEM scan tool software in conjunction with the calibration hardware. Two laser measurements accurately place this target within 1 mm.

Some may say we go above and beyond when servicing these systems, but with safety as our goal, there is only one way to complete these complex and costly calibrations………. THE RIGHT WAY!

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