Lighting the Way to Proper Calibration.

We haven’t blogged in a while for good reason. This year has been busy and full of progress for us adding an extraordinary office manager, Jessie, opening a shop location dedicated specifically to calibrating ADAS components and welcoming TJ, our newest technician in Lincoln.

Our calibration facility in west central Lincoln was put together based on what we have learned from the thousands of calibrations we have under our belts. We brought in our friends at IC Energy Solutions to calculate a precise lighting system that gives us a predictable and controlled environment. While we continue to provide most of our services mobile, be aware as we may require that some specific calibrations will need to be performed here.

Dealing with Advanced Driver Assist Systems is not something we take lightly. There is NO margin for error here. We have committed early on to using only OEM tools and OEM procedures. The easiest way isn’t the most efficient, the cheapest way isn’t the most accurate. The best way continues to be the only way we choose.

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